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Allen Spencer


 As far back as he can remember, art has been a passion for Allen. Born and raised in Sheridan, Wyoming, Allen's first influences were a few amazing art teachers in Sheridan's school system. He recalls Nancy Buening, Bev Saxton and Jeff Poulsen as being early influences. At Sheridan College he took every art class that was offered. Instructors Danna Hildebrand and Jim Lawson were instrumental in fostering Allen's creative talents during those years. 

Allen started out using graphite pencil, but has since branded out into a variety of media, including colored pencil, watercolor, marker, oil an acrylic and sculpture. He enjoys incorporating unconventional media into his art, such as leaves and other items found in in nature. Allen lets the subject matter decide what medium he will use to create the image. He has shown his art at Luminous Brewhouse and most recently at Java Moon in Sheridan, Wyoming.




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