Amy Brakeman Livezey

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On View September 7 - October 9, 2021

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

5:30 – 6:30 pm | Artist Talk at WYO Theater

Thursday, September 9, 2021:

5:30 – 7:30 pm | Meet & Greet Reception at SAGE Community Arts

Refreshments provided by Verdello and Sheridan Donut Company. Music by Max McClenehan. 

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Additional Support | AlphaGraphics Sheridan and funding from the Wyoming Arts Council.

Please contact SAGE at 307-674-1970 or visit 21 W. Brundage Street, Sheridan, Wyoming, with purchase inquiries. Shipping options may be available. Open Tuesday-Saturday (close Sunday & Monday). .

Livezey_Afternoon Red_12x12.jpg

"Afternoon Red"

Mixed media on panel

12" x 12"


Livezey_Horse Sale_24x24.jpg


Mixed media on panel

24" x 24" $1,700

Livezey_The Debutante_48x60.jpg

"The Debutante"

Mixed media on panel

48" x 60" $5,000


"Lark Sparrows"

Mixed media on panel

40" x 36"




Mixed media on panel

24" x 24" $1,700

Livezey_Everyday Affinities_24x24.jpg

"Everyday Affinities"

Mixed media on panel

24" x 24" $1,700


"Big Yard"

Mixed media on panel

20" x 24"




Mixed media on panel

48" x 60" $5,000

Livezey_Second Thoughts_12x12.jpg

"Second Thoughts"

Mixed media on panel

12" x 12" $550

Livezey_Blue Grace_24x20.jpg

"Blue Grace"

Mixed media on panel

24" x 20" $1,400



Mixed media on panel

36" x 40" $3,000

Livezey_Second Cut_16X16.jpeg

"Second Cut"

Mixed media on panel

16" x 16" $920

Livezey_The Cook On Break_16x16LG.jpg

"The Cook on Break"

Mixed media on panel

16" x 16" $920

Livezey_Graceful Pauses_18x16.jpg

"Graceful Pauses"

Mixed media on panel

18" x 16" $960


"First Snow"

Mixed media on panel

32" x 36" $2,400


"Summertime Solace"

Mixed media on panel

20" x 24" $1,400

Livezey_Working on the release_36x32.jpeg

"Working on the Release"

Mixed media on panel

36" x 32" $2,400

Historical Present

Paintings by Amy Brakeman Livezey


This collection of mixed media paintings is Amy Brakeman Livezey’s latest exploration of abstract expression interlaced with figures of the historic west.  Her fascination with old photographs, especially of women, gets documented in these paintings.  Far from being mere reproductions of the photographs, the paintings are histories themselves of the moment by moment wondering and discoveries in the artist’s search for meaning.  While the photographs offer certain “truths” about their subjects, the present-day perspective can express the complexities of looking back through history and making sense of lives then and now.  Stories easily emerge through the figures, but the act of painting tells a story as well, through surprising elements and visible vestiges of layered paint, textures, and shapes. 


All the figures in these paintings are referenced from photographs by Lora Webb Nichols (1883-1962).  She lived in Encampment, Wyoming and created and collected around 24,000 photographs over the course of her lifetime.  The survival and accessibility of this collection is made possible by the following:

Lora Webb Nichols Archive/American Heritage Center, Laramie, WY

General Encampment Museum, Encampment, WY

Nancy and Victor Anderson

Nicole Jean Hill

Artist Reception

September 9, 2021

Artist Talk

September 8, 2021