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Sara Heywood

I’m happiest in my small home-based studio, playing with my tools, imagining my next piece while listening to stories and music that inspire me.


My jewelry is unique. I like to combine different metals with beautiful stones and rarely take the path of least resistance.      

With a general plan in mind, I  begin to tinker, allowing one idea to evolve into the next, often leading to a compelling design that wears well. The best part is creating well made jewelry that makes women feel beautiful.

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My Story

I moved to Wyoming as a young women and have always been a creative soul. My sense of design has pulled me in many different directions. Always curious, always learning, I find ways to create whether at work or play.


After retiring from education, I began to search for something fulfilling that indulged my sense of design. During an extended stay with family in Colorado, I discovered an all-volunteer, nonprofit gem and mineral club dedicated to the earth sciences, lapidary and metalsmith arts. It offered me a fully equipped open studio including lapidary equipment. I jumped on this amazing opportunity. I spent as much time as possible hanging out with fabulous jewelers and lapidarists, asking questions, practicing new skills, and taking formal classes from world class artists.


Today, I am grateful for all those who have helped and inspired me along the way. It’s really true …the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. This makes metalsmithing fun, challenging, and a lifetime pursuit.



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