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David McDougall


Owner of Painted Skull Studio in Dayton, Wyoming and local artist combines bright colors, disparate objects, unorthodox situations, twisted reality, wacky critters, disturbed interiors, and whimsical elements to mine the depths of his subconscious imagination producing a rich and cacophonous visual stew of fictional scenarios that are almost true.  The paintings fit loosely like a baggy pair of pants and are held together by simple yet elegant hand crafted wood frames.

I have always had a compulsion to make things with my hands; wooden boats, ships in bottles, unusual picture frames. Seeing interesting and beautiful objects inspires me to create my own art, particularly paintings and drawings. I strive to combine formal elements including color, composition, and light to create an enticing visual statement.

In choosing subjects that are interesting and dynamic, I try to create pieces that invite the viewer to participate in the experience. My frames that house my paintings are strong partners in the visual combination of picture and architecture. I select local and unique woods to construct my frames.

Most of my paintings are acrylic on board, but I supplement my art with charcoal, pastel, chalk, watercolor, and oil paint in various combinations. For the last ten years my work has been based on my experiences as a fly fishing guide, painting mostly riverscapes and fishing clients.

‘More recently, I have been painting and drawing bison. They are a dynamic and powerful icon and link to the past. I try to capture their wildness in my work. Also I find myself working with minimum brush and stroke work. I take inspiration from ancient pictograph and petroglyphs. Currently, I’m working on some interior scenes inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. Brightly colored with loose, line work.

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