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Dianne Wyatt


Once primarily a city-dweller, Dianne Wyatt’s pursuit of the artist’s life brought her into touch with the raw beauty of the West’s open spaces and wilderness.  Speaking of her forays into the wilds of her home state, Dianne says, “my current work grows out of the experience I gain by painting and photographing outdoors - only in that way am I able to incorporate the whole experience: the light, the temperature, the movement, the smells, and the season.”


Perennially in search of new compositions and different landscapes to capture, Dianne spends most of her summer either painting plein aire behind a canvas or behind the lens of a camera, collecting material for the longer winter months she spends in studio.  Her painting has brought her to many of the wilder places in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Oregon - anywhere where she can find access to the kinds of landscapes and vistas she loves to capture.  

I have worked as a pastelist and a plein air artist for more than 30 years in Sheridan and I have had the pleasure of exhibiting my work in Wyoming and other parts of the west. For the past few years I have ventured into the realm of abstraction with mixed media. I am enjoying the new direction!

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