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Ken Forman


Ken Forman was born in Sheridan Wyoming. Unfortunately he had a speech impediment that forced him to not be able to communicate properly until his teenage years. During that time, he learned the best way to communicate with others was through his drawings. This is where he learned his love for the fine arts. He would focus his effort in gaining an Associates of Fine Arts degree from Sheridan College.


After his graduation, he went to work as a graphic designer where he sold over around 100,000 dollars worth of artwork used as promotional advertisements, billboards, and concert poster across America. Even though that was quite an accomplishment, Ken felt the need for a greater calling: A Bachelors degrees. Too bad that was extremely expensive, so he joined the Army! Ken would then serve four years being stationed all across the world meeting new people, learning new languages, and blowing stuff up while yelling, “Murica!”


During his time abroad, Ken learned what truly inspired his art. He fell in love with how people talked and moved when their personalities were able to shine. Didn't matter if the person was sad, happy, angry; once a person felt safe to express themselves in front of him, it was the most beautiful thing Ken has ever seen. Watching them move their hands to make stories feel grander, stumbling their feet to dance horribly with their favorite song, and most of all; the disapearance of the outside world when two people make eye contact falling in love.


Ken dedicates his time and craft into capturing those moments.





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