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Liz Howell


Liz Howell born in Denver, moving about the West and has now resided in Wyoming (Story and Sheridan) for the past 40 or so years. She has a BFA from Colorado State University and earned a MFA from the University of Washington in 1981. First it was silver jewelry. The silver became sculpture. The sculpture became forged steel sculptures--spontaneous, zen moments of understanding, inspired by nature. She received a Wyoming Arts Council fellowship in the 80’s and exhibited the sculpture in galleries in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico California, Nevada, New York and Montana. Liz painted all this time, always outside in campouts, horse pack trips and hikes. Now painting has taken precedence. 


As a perennial activist for the environment, Liz worked for Wyoming organizations also serving on their board of directors. She eventually reformed the Wyoming Wilderness Association, serving as their director for 12 years. 


The beauty of wild light and shadow crossing rock and water, mountains and sage inspires her work. 




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