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Nathan Trampe Headshot.jpg

Nathan Trampe


In addition to crafting his ability to speak about his life in third-person, Nathan has dedicated thousands of hours to developing his artistic skills in many artistic disciplines. From painting and drawing, to steel and wood sculpture, iron and bronze casting, leatherwork, printmaking, photography, custom vehicles and motorcycles, street art, and digital design and illustration, the desire to create can be found in every area of Nathan’s life.

When he’s not actively making artwork, you might find Nathan rolling up to a ski hill in his Jeep Gladiator, getting a workout in at the local iron paradise, creating designs for his brand Full Time Artist, or running Main Frame, his frame shop and art gallery in downtown Sheridan, Wyoming.

My work seeks to marry the fleeting nature of life with inward emotions to reflect the human experience. The ever-evolving essence of my artwork is constantly building not only through content, but also through technique and application. I want my paintbrush to inject life into every piece, and I am continually searching for new ways to translate feeling to canvas.


The sharp contrast between biological forms and geometrical shapes in many of my pieces highlights a disparity between nature and perfection. Nothing in nature –plants, animals, humans, etc. – is without flaw, but my artwork seeks to find beauty in the brokenness. It is only in our imperfection that we can truly find satisfaction. Though my artistic goals and ideas are still rapidly developing and changing, I seek to reveal myself through my art in a meaningful way and connect with others through visual stimuli – such as nature – that everyone can relate to.


I’d like to think that art chose me, rather than the other way around.

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