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Paul Larson


I was born and raised in South Dakota, attended Black Hills State College and obtained a BS degree. I moved to Wyoming which I now call home. I am married, have three children, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I taught school in Wyoming for a number of years, managed the University of Wyoming’s Trail Lake Ranch Conference Center for several summers and retired from the University of Wyoming after 27 years. I havean MS degree in Natural Science and a doctorate in Adult Education.


Somewhere along the line I learned that a person can do anything he desires with motivation and figuring out stuff. I enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing and camping. I have built a 3600 sq ft house, raised hay, broke and shod horses and built six saddles. I have dabbled in various crafts throughout my life.


Shortly before I retired I met a lady in the Cowboy Bar in Jackson, WY and in visiting with her, I noticed some jewelry she was wearing. She indicated that she made it and it might be something I would like to do in retirement. She suggested that I attend a metalworker’s fair in San Francisco which I did. She suggested some basic tools and materials for the craft which I purchased along with many books. I am primarily a self taught jewelry maker who picked up lapidary arts skills along the way. I have been asked to donate pins for the annual Yuma Symposium and in the fall and winter teach silversmithing and lapidary arts for the Yuma, AZ Parks and Recreation Dept.


(307) 856-5080

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