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Member News: Art "On the Loose"

Four of our SAGE Members, Patti Ellis, Rebecca Rousseau, Darlene Reiter, and Edre Maier, will open a new show at the Sheridan Fulmer Public Library (335 West Alger Street) on March 2nd, 2019 and running through March 30th. The show will also feature special guest works by Holy Name School 5th Grade art students.

There will be a public reception on Thursday, March 7th from 4:30- 6:00pm.

Patti, Edre, Darlene, and Rebecca met in Rebecca's Acrylic Painting Class several years ago at SAGE. When the class ended, the small group carried on - meeting, painting, and sharing art. This winter, Rebecca suggested a group show and Darlene dubbed it "On the Loose". The title of the show means something a little different to each woman.

"Darlene, Patti, and Edre are three painters I admire in Sheridan," said Rousseau. "We love to get together and paint and talk about art and painting techniques It only made sense that we should have a show together."

Artist Statements

Edre Maier: "I love the out of doors and tend to paint those kinds of scenes." (Below Left: "Glider Tugs", Watercolor, Pen & Ink; below right: "Red Grade Trails", Watercolor)

Patti Ellis: One of the most important aspects of a creative life is often that group of fellow artists you can meet with, paint with, and who can lift you out of those creative slumps.

Patti Ellis is a teacher, plant woman, and artist who has called Wyoming home for the last 30 years. She is, however, most at home hiking the hills and mountains and exploring any wild country she can find. She works in watercolor, acrylic, and pastel.

Pastel painting of mountains
"Loose with a Yellow Mountain" by Patti Ellis, Pastel and Acrylic

Darlene Reiter: "Color, movement, form, and contrast – all are fun to play with. Making art is like fly-fishing. When you are doing it, everything else melts away."

Mixed media abstract painting
"Little Buck" by Darlene Reiter, Mixed Media

Rebecca Rousseau: "My students at Holy Name Catholic School painted beautiful cows, so I went with a playful animal theme for my paintings.

I enjoy the very public forum of the library; a place where an artist can share their work with the community."

(Below left: "Twins", Acrylic; below right: "Lost Bone", Acrylic)



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