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Art "On the Loose" 2020 Returns to Library in March

The Sheridan Fulmer Public Library will once again host a show of work by a painting group called "On the Loose." Patti Ellis, Edre Maier, Darlene Reiter, and Rebecca Rousseau, all members of SAGE, invite the public to view their paintings in the Library's Mezzanine Exhibit space from March 1st through March 31st.

A public reception in celebration of the show will be Tuesday, March 10th from 4:30 to 6:30pm at the Library (335 West Alger Street in Sheridan). For sales inquiries of work in the show, the artists will have contact information available by the staircase of the mezzanine.

Loose pastel painting of aspen trees in the summer
Pastel Painting by Patti Ellis

Patti Ellis:

Most of my work could be called impressions of our local landscape. Nature, wild places, and art are the threads that hold my world together. I am pleased to be joining Darlene, Edre, and Rebecca in this year’s show, ‘On the Loose 2020’.

Abstract painting of woman with red hair smoking a cigarette
Painting by Rebecca Rousseau

Rebecca Rousseau:

To liven up my paintings, I try to decipher and capture the emotions and personalities of the subject. The subjects in my paintings should  always tell a story. The story that I may be trying to tell isn’t the “real” story; the viewer should discover that for themselves when they see my work. Despite living miles away from the "Loosers," and missing our painting get togethers, I continue to paint. I've traded painting the beauty of Wyoming for the pink skies of Silver City, NM.

Loose watercolor painting of a group of trees under a pink sky
Painting by Darlene Reiter

Darlene Reiter:

The painters who make up On the Loose have varied styles and experiment with diverse media. My painting focuses on color and mood.  My goal is to create art that evokes mental and emotional response. We enjoy our On the Loose association.  The common thread is a love of the creative process.  Our techniques and media are varied, and make we hope that people will find the results interesting and enjoyable.

Watercolor painting of small house with a red door and a wreath hanging on the door
Watercolor Painting by Edre Maier

Edre Maier:

I started painting when I moved to Sheridan in 1988.  I took a watercolor class at the college from Danna Hildebrand and have been painting ever since, as my time allows. My interest lies mainly with landscapes, architecture and buildings.  I am so pleased to be able to paint with the creative group known as "on the loose."


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