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Samatha Wheatcroft


Samantha Wheatcroft (SamiJo) is a Wyoming native who is currently attending the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, working towards a B.A. in Illustration by the end of 2022. She also attended The Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2016 for Fine Arts, and The Art Institute of Colorado in 2003 for Media Arts and Animation. Her work has one first place ribbons at the Campbell county fair as well as being featured in the paper.


Wheatcroft’s work is a reflection and observation of life around. A touch of realism with often times humor added into her work. Currently she has pieces of work featured at Sage Gallery and Expressions Gallery in Sheridan. As well as Main Street Gallery in Dayton.


Over the course of the last two years Wheatcroft has taught studio arts to children ages 3-12. It is Wheatcroft’s goal to not only reach the next generation but to share the love and passion she has with art to her community. 




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