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40 Years of Stories in Pencil:
The work of Dean States

Sheridan artist Dean States is a graduate of Sheridan College and the
University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Dean presents
imagery in a unique way through the utilization of forms found in nature,
building them into compositions that are visually intriguing to the viewer. He
is a charter member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and has had
many one-man shows in Wyoming and neighboring states. In the past,
many of his pictures were selected for inclusion in the Wyoming Artist
Traveling Show, the Wyoming Congressional selection exhibited in
Washington, D.C., and many others too numerous to list. Dean is also
honored to be included in the Brinton Museum’s 101 exhibition.
Dean has a studio at 637 West Loucks in Sheridan. He also shows his
work at Expressions Art Gallery in Sheridan and Wyoming Art & Frame in

The Meeting.jpg
blue and green sequence.jpg
The Badlands Are Calling.jpg
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