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Stephanie Rose


I live in Wyoming - a place where life is shaped by harsh climatic conditions. My paintings are songs about the swiftly changing and sublime nature of this vast land, and to the tenacious spirit it engenders.


My work crosses the borders between representational and abstract expression; at times my colors and images from the more realist works appearing in the abstract paintings. Painting is a process of weaving together observation, emotion and memory. When unexpected connections occur, coherent visual statements emerge, sparking awe in both the making and viewing of my paintings.


Painting brings purpose to my life. I paint to understand my place in nature and share my story. Painting quiets my soul and opens me up to the wonderment of the natural world.

My life has been a wandering path through many influential places and cultures. My formative years were spent with my parents in Hong Kong who were educators at an international school. The delicious cuisines experienced while traveling across Asia piqued my curiosity about food and land which led to a career in sustainable agriculture. My research projects took me to Norway and Thailand as well as Minnesota, Montana and Wisconsin. After moving to Wyoming, the vast land and sky inspired me to begin painting and seek a career as a professional fine artist. My art education includes courses at Northwest College in Powell WY and study with professional artists. I hold an MS degree in Land Resources from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and a BS degree in East Asian Studies from Oberlin College in Oberlin OH.

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