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Member Spotlight: Becky Clark

Guest Article by Becky Clark

SAGE Member specializing in photography

Becky smiles at the camera while holding her own camera on a tripod. She is wearing a blue shawl and standing in front of Frackelton's Restaurant.
Becky Clark behind the camera in downtown Sheridan

Photography became a passion when I was about 25 years old. I began noticing scenes around the house and in the world that would make good pictures. I bought my first camera and fell in love with the art of photography. More than 40 years later, I’m still going strong!

One of my favorite things to do is jump in my truck and spend days exploring the area for new things to photograph. Since moving to Wyoming five years ago, I have explored many beautiful canyons, mountains, and waterways. None of these places ever looks the same twice. Wyoming is full of diverse opportunities for the creative process.

The technical aspects of photography seem limitless, and so it goes for the creative features as well. I’m into experimenting with new ways of doing both with some really fun results. I thrive when I stay creative and maintain my enthusiasm.

The transition from film to digital has been very challenging. Every day I understand something new about my camera, or about the editing program. I’m teaching myself through experimentation, but I’m also thankful for YouTube tutorials. It’s a steep curve and I’m always learning.

A photo of the front of a building with a blue antique awning
"Keenan Building" by Becky Clark

Over the past few months, I have been working on photographing historic buildings of Sheridan and giving them brilliant colors in the editing process. The result is a new lease on life for an old building. Like buildings on steroids!

When I create a title for the work, I don’t want to sway the viewer’s experience of the photo. Art is personal. So I just use the name of the place the photo was taken rather than my own interpretations. The location may also inspire someone else to explore.

Photograph of the side of an old historic hotel. The sun is shining on it, making it glow.
"Trail Hotel" by Becky Clark

Since COVID became an everyday concern, nothing has helped me more than having an outlet for my emotions, both frustration and boredom. If I’m having a difficult day, I can get out of the house, create some new photos, and feel so much better when I get back home. The process doesn’t end there though. Now I get to review and edit my work and the fun begins again!

You can reach me on my email: or call me at 307-684-7485. I’d love to hear from you!


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