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Artists and Expressions Raise $900 for SAGE

On Monday, September 16th, three SAGE Member Artists, as well as Wanda Kerns of Expressions Gallery & Framing, presented the SAGE Board of Directors with a check of over $500 as a donation. This was in addition to a previous donation of over $400 from the artists and Expressions.

Five people stand in art gallery smiling
Photo, from left to right: Gene Sager, Dianne Wyatt, Wanda Kerns, SAGE Executive Director Kendra Heimbuck, and SAGE Board President Susie Ponce

The SAGE Members, Dianne Wyatt, Judy Pradere (not present at the Board Meeting), and Gene Sager put on a group art exhibition at Expressions Gallery & Framing (645 Broadway Street, Sheridan) called "An Alternate View".

Ten percent of all art sales from their exhibition were donated to SAGE. Additionally, all three artists collaborated in creating an abstract painting that patrons could donate to SAGE to earn tickets in a drawing.

abstract painting
Painting created by Dianne Wyatt, Gene Sager, and Judy Pradere, called "An Alternate View"

Altogether, the donations from An Alternate View totaled over $900.

A huge, huge thank you goes out to SAGE Members Gene Sager, Dianne Wyatt, and Judy Pradere (not pictured here), and Wanda Kerns at Expressions Art Gallery & Framing LLC for their generous donation of over $900 from sales in their recent "An Alternate View" show.

It's because of support from community members like you that SAGE is able to continue fulfilling its mission of building community through the visual arts!


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