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Win a Painting by 3 SAGE Members!

Three longtime SAGE Members, Dianne Wyatt, Judy Pradere, and Gene Sager, will debut their new group show at Expressions Gallery & Framing starting on July 25th.

In honor of the collaborative theme of their show, the artists collaborated to create a unique acrylic painting that they have donated to SAGE to raise money for the organization.

abstract acrylic painting
"An Alternate View," painting by Judy Pradere, Gene Sager, and Dianne Wyatt

The painting is titled, "An Alternate View" and is signed by all three artists. A drawing will be held at the reception for their show on Thursday, July 25th from 5:30-7:30. Their show features multiple pieces from each artist.

The painting is currently on view at SAGE Community Arts, 21 West Brundage Street.

Tickets are available at SAGE and at Expressions Gallery & Framing (645 Broadway Street).

Those who donate $5 earn 1 ticket in the drawing, and those who donate $10 to SAGE earn 3 tickets.

SAGE Community Arts is a Non-Profit 501c(3) organization that supports the arts in Sheridan by fulfilling their mission of "See Art, Create Art, Promote Art."


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