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Introducing Paint the Masters w/ Jenny Wuerker

For this week's ARTbreak Challenge, our theme was "Blast from the Past." There were two options for this prompt: either recreating a work from a famous Master Artist, or digging through your art closet to find a painting you had put away and never finished.

Although this coronavirus pandemic crisis can make it difficult to find the motivation or inspiration to create artwork, we thought this prompt could provide opportunities for you to just practice painting or drawing skills by learning from artists of the past.

In that spirit, we've collaborated with Buffalo, Wyoming-based artist and frequent SAGE instructor, Jenny Wuerker for a "Paint the Masters" instructional video. This time, Jenny will show you how to render and paint Georgia O'Keeffe's famous "Red Poppy" painting, using basic materials you probably have in your art supply toolbox already.

You can follow along with the video below, via YouTube. If you loved this video and would like to see more videos from SAGE like this one, let us know via Facebook, YouTube, or email us at We would also love to know what kind of videos you are interested in learning from, so let us know that as well!

Donations to SAGE Community Arts are welcome and help support our mission to build and inspire community through the visual arts in Sheridan. You can donate any time by visiting

Enjoy, and happy painting!


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