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Thinking Like A Mountain is a series of five site-specific public artworks that show the past, present and future of Sheridan’s changing landscape through a variety of interactive elements, including augmented reality and windows to the surrounding landscape. Each piece represents one of the ecosystems in this particular area of northeastern Wyoming. Taken as a whole, these works tell an interconnected story of the different habitats and their reliance upon one another. It is an opportunity for learning, for honoring the history of this landscape, and for generating ideas toward a more sustainable future.


To think like a mountain is to acknowledge the complex ways in which every single element within our ecosystems (including ourselves!) rely upon one another. As you interact with each artwork, you will learn about the positive changes that can occur if we care for this landscape and its diversity of inhabitants. What if more native plants are grown along Little Goose Creek? What if buffalos become the primary grazers in the region? What if more abandoned mines are turned into bird sanctuaries? What if habitat corridors are left intact for migrating animals? 


What if land was not viewed as a resource, but instead as a relationship?


More information and other artwork locations can be found at


This project is generously supported by The Nature Conservancy, Wyoming chapter, and is in partnership with SAGE Community Arts and the Tongue River Artist Residency. Additional support from Emerson Scott and Ceci Butler. Fabrication support from Petalz and Metalz.  Original musical composition by Evan Kassof, included in the augmented reality component. And with deep gratitude to the many community members who were involved in the process of researching and creating Thinking Like A Mountain.

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