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Jentel Presents: August 2022

From Lynn Reeves of the Jentel Foundation:

Jentel Presents, Tuesday, August 2nd, LIVE

The heat of the summer is filled with so many activities and opportunities! Join us, when the cohort of residents from all around the country present their visual artworks and writings at this month’s Jentel Presents. The community outreach program featuring the visual presentations and readings by the residents at the Jentel Artist Residency Program will take place LIVE on Tuesday, August 2nd, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at the SAGE Gallery Space at 21 West Brundage.

This month’s presenters include Roberto Jamora, Richmond, VA; An acrylic painter, Roberto is a Filipino American artist and educator based in Richmond. Roberto enjoys biking, surfing, and breakdancing. He experiments with abstraction and color in his work. Maurine Ogbaa, Dallas, TX; A short story writer and one of five siblings, Maurine writes about families and reconciliation a lot. Her great ambition was to be well-traveled and now she hates airports. Kelli Kelley, Baton Rouge, LA; A mixed media painter, as well as mother, and professor. Kelli has traveled the US plus the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, England, and Mexico. Loves nature. Colleen Asper, Brooklyn, NY; A performance artist, Colleen is interested in storytelling across different mediums. She has lived in NYC for 18 years; Jentel marks her first visit to Wyoming. Sarah Knight, St. Louis, MO; A mixed media ceramic artist, in childhood, Sarah’s parents hauled their road trip rock collections across the country. Now as an adult, Sarah understands why they laugh at their stone sculptures. Jeffrey Allen, Charlottesville, VA; In addition to being a nonfiction writer, Jeff is the proud father of four children. Jeff has traveled extensively on the African continent, supporting developing writers.

Join us in looking forward to the next Jentel Presents on September 6, 2022. This presentation will be LIVE!

We will not be zooming for the summer months but may restart it in the fall in combination with the LIVE Jentel Presents.

The Jentel Foundation offers dedicated individuals a supportive environment in which to further their creative development. While at Jentel, visual artists and writers have the opportunity to experience unfettered time to allow for thoughtful reflection and meditation on the creative process in a setting that preserves the agricultural and historical integrity of the land.

The Jentel Artist Residency Program accepts applications twice a year from visual artists in all media and writers in all genres for a one-month residency. A residency includes comfortable accommodation; common living, dining, and recreation areas; a private workspace, and a stipend to help defray expenses during the program. For more information, please visit or call Jentel at (307)737-2311.



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