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Little Goose Painters to have Library Show

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

News from SAGE Member Linda Hartman:

The Little Goose Plein Air Painters of Sheridan announces the opening of an exhibition of member’s works at the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library. The show opens on February 1, 2020, and will run until February 28.

oil painted landscape of a snowy creek. a tree branch overhangs the water.
Painting by Linda Hartman

The plein air paintings on display are a representation of some of the areas around the Big Horn Mountains and Wyoming where the group painted this past 2019 season. Exhibiting artists will be on hand to discuss their works as well as answer questions about painting on location. Some typically used equipment to work out of doors will be on display during the reception as well.

a watercolor painting of an outdoor sculpture with a stoplight in background
Detail of painting by Edre Maier

This year, the 2020 Little Goose Plein Air Painters season will begin on Saturday, May 9 with a painting day out on the Welch Ranch Recreation Area north of Sheridan. The group was formed in 2016, as a means for artists, mostly members of the Sheridan Artists Guild (SAGE), to come together and paint. The Little Goose Plein Air Painters paint at different locations on the second Saturday of each month May thru October. Membership is open to artists, 15 years old and over who enjoy painting plein air, or who wish to learn. All painting and drawing mediums and skill levels are welcome.

an abstract landscape painting of a river with trees in background
Painting by Dianne Wyatt

Plein air refers to paintings that are created primarily in the open air, and on location, as opposed to painting entirely in a studio setting. Artists painting en plein air seek to capture the natural light and energy of a location in the painting. The Impressionists are probably the best known plein air painters. Their desire was to capture the ever changing qualities of natural light and was their motivation for abandoning their studios in favor of painting out of doors.

For more information about Little Goose Plein Air Painters, stop by Expressions Gallery in Sheridan, or SAGE Community Arts downtown, where you can pick up a season schedule and get more information on the group.

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