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Member News Feature: Beverly Kleiber

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

SAGE Member, Beverly Kleiber, currently has her work on display at Outback Temple of Venus, a designer "shopping and temple environment" in Ashland, Oregon through Summer, 2019.

The exhibit, called " Zen Koans in Chalk Pastels," features Kleiber's "interest in Chinese and Japanese Literature including Zen koans led her to attempt to illustrate them using pastels on paper. Koans are paradoxical statements used to unravel poetic truths. She develops images to illustrate these insights" (from

"Outback Temple of Venus" is a designer clothing store and community (for lack of a better word) started by Devi Jacobs, who is a well-known figure in the west coast counterculture scene.

"It has become a much sought after venue, largely because of Devi's talent for attracting people on the adventuresome edge of our culture and her compassionate embracing of everyone and their eccentricities" said Kleiber.

The location in Ashland caters to those who come to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival every year.

Kleiber recently sold one of her pieces, "White Raven Has a Moment" (below, left) in SAGE's Members' Gallery, and has a new piece for sale at SAGE titled "Raven After the Fires" (below, right).

21 W. Brundage St.

Sheridan, WY 82801


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